Student Falls To Her Death After Trying to Take A Bell Tower Selfie

A Look Inside Elizabeth Tower Ahead Of Renovations

22-year old Sydney Monfries died on Sunday after falling inside the school's clock bell tower at Fordham University in the Bronx. Friends of the fallen victim say's she was eager to get a good picture of the city skyline to post on her Instagram page. Monfries was able to gain access to the locked bell tower, climb to the top, and attempted to take a selfie. Before the fall, video posted to her snapchat minutes before showed Monfries climbing the windy stairs.

It is not clear how exactly she lost her footing, but Sydney fell through an opening in a landing - knocking her unconscious. When paramedics arrived, they struggled to get her out because the staircase was too narrow for them to maneuver the stretcher she was on. Eventually, she was airlifted out through a window then lowered to the ground to be taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.



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