Why do kids love gaming videos?


According to Toca Boca there are a lot of parents observing something they don't how to explain it. Kids now days seem to prefer watching videos about their favorite video games than actually play those games. I've actually watch them watch “Let’s Play” videos, which are narrated videos games mixed with alot of humor and personal views. Watch people play on YouTube

But, what is the true fascination of watching people play your favorite video games. Here is what a teenager said when I asked him.


Why do kids love these gaming videos?

  • 1. Skills boost 
  • 2. Social connection
  • 3. Entertainment

For more explaination on these reasons click here

My friend Sara says her brother has his own channel and and sometimes he has started making some money off of it. If you know someone who watches these videos all the time, have you asked them why don’t they don’t record themselves? Whay are you watching someone making money instead of filming your self and becoming more than just a game watcher. You could be apart of a growing trend right now. I asked this guy who are his 3 top gaming you-tubers and it was pretty funny how quick he named them. Jon Sandman, Phantom Ace, and Narcolepticnugget. I want to see what makes them special and help him start his own Channel. I’ve always been a nurturer, motivator, and one to try and help people achieve there dreams to reach there goals. 

It's time to turn the obsession into something fun! To Be Continued...

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