Logic's grammy's performance helped for the better


Logic's performance during the Grammy's help saved a lot of lives. According to TMZ, the NSPL says Logic's performance was a great moment in suicide prevention, and he helps delivering messages saying "You are not alone" and help is available.

When I first Heard this song, I was on vacation in Florida. This was two months after my Aunt passed, Not hearing what the song was really about, all I kept hearing was "I don't wanna be alive" and "I just wanna die." I remember asking myself why would someone come out with this type of song. 

So I didn't like it. After a while, I Started to see more of him performing this song and I was hearing it a lot on the radio. I realized the message behind this song and how the song was saving lives, I grew to actually love this song now. In fact one of my favorites songs. 

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