Cardi B receiving gang threats for dissing crips


According to TMZ, due to a hardcore diss against the crips, Cardi B is receiving threats from gang members. Cardi B caption said " I hate wearing flue but this coat was too popping." The word flue is what got her into this conflict with crips. Saying flue is way to knock crips favorite color, blue. 

Cardi B publicly stated she was a blood, so of course this made the rival mad. The female rapper is supposed to come to L.A for the NBA All-Star weekend and crip gang members know that. One comment said "@iamcardib this will not be accepted #DONTCOMETOLA."

In this situation I just hope everything goes good and nobody gets hurt. Cardi B is doing great in the industry, and I'm sure she has a lot more in store for us. We can't worry about things like this we have to stay focus. Going down the wrong path can cause you to loose everything. 

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