DPS students receive laptops to help learn


Thanks to the feds and the State of Michigan, lots of laptops were passed out to students to help learn in another way.  According to FOX 2, no student will learn without a laptop in front of them, thanks to the feds and the State of Michigan.

I think this a great idea, to invest in our youth. Technology is changing and the youth in today's society wants to pick up a tablet instead of a book. I believe this will make kids want to learn. Im very proud that organizations are coming together to give back to the city, especially the DPS schools. 

Our schools were struggling for a minute and parents were taking kids out of DPS schools, so to see this is a blessing and I'm asking that we, in our community help our schools, give back and lets put our kids back in these schools. It can be done, our community starts with us. 

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