Rapper Cassidy wanted in New Jersey


Rapper Cassidy is wanted in New Jersey for not showing up to court for a hearing in his drug possession case. According to TMZ, Cassidy was busted in Jersey City when police say they spotted him in the vehicle, and noticed a strong marijuana odor. Officers say there was a joint sitting in clear view on the dashboard. They also found a baggie of weed and a grinder, typically used to crush weed.

Now, I know what your thinking. I understand that some people may believe that this crime and case is petty, however you have to make them court dates. This is the point of it all. When you miss a court date, your case go from 0 to 100 and we all know that. 

I love Cassidy music and he is one of the best, but we must take care of our business. take care of your business the right way, then you can get the feds off your back and live your life. This is also a lesson learned to never park and smoke. 

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