Mother of Officer Glenn Doss shares her pain


Nikole Flowers, the mother of the Detroit police officer Glenn Doss Jr is still in pain after her son was killed in the line of duty. According to WDIV, Flowers knew this was a possibility the moment her son joined the force. Flowers was hesitant about her son becoming a police officer. 

"It was always hesitation because the world is changing in how people view police officers," Flowers said. Flowers spoke with her son the day he was shot. "I said, 'Do you like your job?'" Flowers said. "Sincerely I wanted to know. He said, 'I love what I do. This is what I wanted to do." That same night officers came to Flowers doors. The mother said she just started screaming and asking was her son dead. 

This story gets me every time. Officer Doss will never be forgotten and whenever I see the parents of Doss, I will take my hat off and pay respect to this family. Every time I see a cop especially a Detroit cop I Always shake their hand and say thank you for serving our community, because if they don't than who will? I love all good cops and I believe they should get the same respect and honors as if they were in the military. Fighting the community is the real war. 

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