Minimum wage protesters hit the streets of Detroit


According to Detroit Free Press, Fast food workers, hospital workers and janitors all walked out of work and rallied to Detroit's Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park to fight for a $15 minimum wage. 

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I don't blame the people and I say all the time too, people should only have one job. Im sure having one good job is what people want. These big corporation jobs are making tons of money, but don't want to pay their employees. 

According to Detroit Free Press, Antwan Williams, 29, who works at Captain Jay's Fish and Chicken while also studying business management at Wayne County Community College, was among the workers speaking up. 

Working for $9.25 an hour, Williams said he'd like to get his own apartment but he can't on minimum wage. 

"Our backgrounds should not be the reason why we can't have a comfortable living wage, because at the end of the day, the workers are what keeps a business thriving," he said. 

I stand behing all these workers and I also believe that if these big corporations pay their employees how they should be paid then people would actually want to work and would care about their job than just working for the money. 

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