Suspects in court after a murder at Greektown


According to FOX2, Police say around 4 a.m., an argument broke out between Pritchett. Wilson, Jackson and Glaze in a 9th floor hotel room. Glaze left the room and got into the elevator, and the other three followed him.

Thats when officials say Pritchett shot him with a handgun. The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. I want to know what could the argument be possibly about that you have to kill someone. Now, were going to need metal detectors in the Hotels.

It becomes a safety issue now, people probably not going to feel safe at Greektown nomore. A situation should never become that serious that you have to take someone life. As a city we have to come up with a plan to protect the city more before the spring and summer come. 

Lets put the guns down Detroit and learn to love again.

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