Woman Robbed In Parking Lot At Somerset Mall


According to WXYZ, police say two 17-year-olds walked up to a lady and put a pistol up to her head, demanding her bags and money or they were going to shoot. One of the teens asked for her glasses and cell phone too. Moments after taking the victim belongings the two teens fled the scene. 

WXYZ- Evan Chrzasczcz was also shopping at Somerset and said, ā€œIā€™m a criminal justice major. I think that security guards need to be more qualified, they need to be able to carry guns because in this world you never know what the heck.ā€

They are in custody and will be arraigned next week on Armed Robbery and Felony Firearms charges.

This happening in Troy, I really can't believe this. Lately, this been happening a lot at Somerset Mall. The security needs to get better there. It's not fair to the people who just want to shop. What gets me is, when things like this happen cops and security is never around. So lesson learned when out in the public and there is no security and no cops be extra safe. 

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