Dani D is a jack of all trades when it comes to radio, often called “The Voice,” and “Format Queen.” She’s known for having a sound that’s as smooth as silk and can fit in with any genre from Hip Hop to Adult R&B, Top 40 and Rhythmic Adult Contemporary.

Dani’s love for radio began as a small child in her hometown Chicago, often mimicking her favorite on-air personalities. She knew then that one day she’d be behind the mic professionally.

Dani D started her radio journey in college and living her dream ever since. Dani is currently a National Radio personality and Voice Over Talent for iHeart Media. “I don’t take what I do lightly. My listeners can feel my energy on air and in person. Being my authentic self is key.”

Outside of being on air, Dani loves hosting events and most of all showing up for her community. Being relatable and “in touch” are important for Dani D. Thanks to one of her loyal listeners for creating the phrase, “You My Girl Dani D!”