Royal Oak Police Stops Black Man For 'Staring' At A White Woman

If looks could kill, this woman was scared for her life by a black man walking. Get this, she was driving while he was on foot.

"Terrible -- Royal Oak, don't be black," says a woman who saw the encounter and stopped to record video for social media.

The Royal Oak police department responded to a complaint Tuesday evening after a woman says that a black man stared at her. Yes, stared. The incident happened on Fourth Street just a few block away from downtown Royal Oak.

Devin Myers, black, 20 years old, was walking when cops began questioning him and stays he remained calm throughout his interaction with officers.

"If you're in Royal Oak, don't look -- police will pull up on you," says the woman shooting video. "This poor guy, he just wants to go get something to eat." ...... "And do not look at someone of a different color, they will call the police"

State Senator, Mallory McMarrow, Michigan's 13th District tweeted, "Everyone should feel welcome in our community, but we clearly still have so much work to do. I'm heartbroken to see this news today. If anyone knows Devin (or if you are Devin) - I'd like to speak with him personally."

Me personally, I'm at a lost for words on this one. Especially knowing this is how Emmett Til was killed back in 1955, for allegedly whistling at a white woman. This racist foolishness has caused many brothers to be killed.