50 Cents Talks New "BMF" Movie Staring Detroit's Kash Doll

Executive producer 50 Cent has been working on more television and film projects thats been mostly anticipated by viewers. Now Fif' has his eyes set on a Black Mafia Family production, taking a deep dive into Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory’s major drug operation. Flenory’s son Lil Meech, rapper Kash Doll, and others involved in the project as 50 cent announced some of the cast members. 

While it was previously believed that BMF would be an ongoing series on the STARZ network, it appears as though the executive producer is making a last-minute change, requesting a big movie budget and making requests.

“BMF is a movie, I think i’m gonna have to talk to starz,” wrote 50 Cent on IG. “I need more money for this it’s to good.”

Kash Doll acting on the big screen, I'm here for it. The "Bossa Nova" rapper proudly posted a IG picture of her set-chair with the caption, "Oh nothing just living my dream 💪🏾 #bmf we coming!!!! But do y’all see my name 😩 so grateful!" ... I'm so happy for her.

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With his strong affiliation to the Black Mafia Family, I wonder if Jeezy will make an appearance in this production too.