Biggie Smalls: Remembering the Late Rap Icon...21 Years Later

Can you believe its been 21 years since the death of late Biggie Smalls? On March 9, 1997 leaving an industry party biggie smalls was fatally shot 4 times while riding in the front seat of a Chevrolet Suburban at the age of 24. 

There's so much that i did not even know about biggie smalls. Smalls had just finished his 2nd and final album titled "Life After Death" prior to his death March 9th. and that album was released March 25, 1997. Biggie smalls had two studio albums Ready to Die (1994) and Life After Death (1997). 

Today we remember Biggie Smalls and his legacy through his music forever. Check out my favorite video "Big Poppa" from the Notorious B.I.G below.



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