Blocboy JB and 21 Savage shoot video for Rover 2.0

21 year old Memphis, TN rapper Blocboy JB ( JB is an abbreviation for his real name James Baker) post up in the projects with 21 savage to shoot his video for "Rover 2.0" In this video blocboy, 21 savage, and even a cameo from Memphis's own YoGotti can be found chilling in the projects with new whips and an entourage. 

Blocboy and friends hit his viral "shoot dance" which i absolutely love and you can find just about everyone on Instagram hitting the #shootchallenge dance. As you can see below Blockboy stirred up a lot of anticipation for this video release on his Instagram page. Blocboy dropped his new video "Rover 2.0" at midnight on March 23, 2018.

The highly anticipated video "Rover 2.0 featuring 21 Savage" received over a million views on the first day it was released. As rapper Blocboy post on his Instagram page "1 Million 1 Day i can dig it" Watch the video below. Warning this video contains explicit content.




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