Drake drops hints on his upcoming Scorpion album

Canadian singer and rapper Drake has been dropping clues via Instagram that he is working on his fifth studio album titled "Scorpion".

April 16, 2018 singer and rapper Drake posts a picture of himself wearing a black Jacket with the word Scorpion going across the back of the jacket and the small print reads June Twenty Eighteen. Under the picture Drake captions the picture album June 2018. Letting his fans know that a new album is on the way.

This will be Drake's fifth studio album. By looking at Drake's Instagram page the album is executive produced by Noah '40' Shebib & Oliver El-Khatib. Although, we do not know how many tracks will be on this album we do know of  3 singles that will be on this album that have already been released. God's Plan released January (2018), Diplomatic Immunity released January (2018), and Nice for What released (April 2018).

Judging from the three singles that Drake has released from his upcoming album Scorpion I'm already sold. Nice for What is my jam. One thing about us women we love a song that we can relate to. In the lyrics of Nice for What drake says "with your phone out, gotta hit them angels... with your phone out snapping like you Fabo" if you know anything about women the perfect picture has to be taking with the right angel. The clues of his upcoming album that Drake has been dropping on his Instagram has me on the edge of my seat waiting for June 2018. What about you???? Are you anticipating drakes new album Scorpion???



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