Rich The Kid clear rumors w/ Lot On My Mind Video

Rich the kid was a victim of a home invasion that took place at his girlfriend’s (Tori Brixx) house last month on June 15, 2018. A lot  of people believed that he was setup by his girlfriend Tori Brixx. Rich the kid clears the air with his latest video “Lot On My Mind”

 While Rich the kid was at his girlfriend Tori Brixx house two masked men entered the house and tried to rob Rich the kid while he tried to fight the masked  men off three more men baring guns entered the home beat and robbed him for a large amount of cash jewelry. Girlfriend Tori Brixx took to instagram with a picture of herself with a black eye and many felt that it was all a cover up for her participation in the setup. Even rapper The Game took to instagram saying Rich the Kid was setup by Tori Brixx. 

In this video a lot on my mind Rich the kid shows himself at a gas station saying what’s up to a so-called friend and while the friend was walking away the alleged friend got on the phone and made a phone call plotting on the rapper. When Rich the kid returns to his home masked men break into the rappers home beating and robbing him. 

In the first verse of the song Rich the Kid says “ Can’t even let these dudes close jealous homies set you up and then you smoke em” The video pretty much clears the air up of all of the allegations that he was set up by his girlfriend Tori Brixx and he confirms  that he was set up and robbed by someone that he knows and may have even called a homie. 

As you can see from the pictures below Rich the kid is still with his girlfriend Tori Brixx and he stands by her side that she is innocent and had nothing to do with the robbery that occurred at her house in Los Angeles.



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