No Wig Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

Teyana Taylor had what some would call a “Wardrobe Malfunction” Last night while performing in Washington D.C at club 9:30 during her sold out performance on her Later That Night Tour. In the middle of her performance her wig fell offffffff!!!!!

While many would be embarrassed if something like this happened to them it takes someone like Teyana Taylor to turn an embarrassing moment into an epic performance. She hesitated for a moment in the mist of realizing that her wig had fallen off and instantly Jumped  back into character and proceeded to swing her wig around in the air and even went as far as grabbing one of the fans out of the audience wig and swung it around as well. The crowd went crazy. And if you ask me that is the true definition of a performer. Check out the video for yourself below. This is what you call a blooper done right!



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