Keys to the City bringing positivity to Detroit

Detroit is BACK! Many are moving back to the city and even opening up more local businesses. While many entrepreneurs are focused on building their own brand. Keyytoii is focused on helping small businesses  build and network through her “Keys to the City” events.

Keyytoii and 29 year old mother, ex-felon, and now entrepreneur from Detroit, MI is making a positive impact in the city. Being an ex-felon Keyytoii experienced the adversity of trying to obtain a job, apply for school and even find a place to stay. Keyytoii’s adversities  motivated her to start her own business “Silverspoon Collection” 

Keyytoii always had  a passion to help others who may have faced some of the same adversities as herself due to her background. Her passion prompted her to start an event called “Keys to the City”. Keys to the city is a networking and branding event that brings exposure to small businesses in Detroit. Keyytoii held her first Keys to the city event last year (April 2017) and only had 20 vendors. Through hard work and preservation       one year later keyytoii is having her 8th Keys to the City with over 70 vendors. She’s even expanded her brand and has held a Keys to the Streets event That helps felons with Job placement, felony expungement, Financial assistance, housing, and resume building. And she’s in the process of working on a Keys to motherhood event Which is an event that helps low income expecting mothers with some of the items that they may need while preparing to have a child. Keyytoii is definitely making a positive impact in the city of Detroit While using her adversity to inspire others.



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