Kanye West & Lil Pump I love It Music Video is????

Sooooo Kanye and teamed up with Lil Pump and created a music video for their new song “I Love It” and in the video Kanye and Lil Pump are dressed as miniature what looks to be LEGO men? Kanye and Lil Pump both are shaped as LEGO men with extremely wide biz like shoulders.

The video has already had 15 million views on YouTube in one day. That’s insane. The video features Adele Givens  she’s in her normal comedic character. 

So here’s my take on the video the lyrics are a little Ratchet it’s a lot of explicit content in the video and I think without the visuals of this video this song will be trash but that’s my opinion. You can take a look at the video for yourself and make your own opinion but if I had to rate the video for creativity I will give it a seven but on the basis  of the lyrics I would have to give this song a two!



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