The wait is over Lil Wayne releases Tha Carter V

The wait is over Lil Wayne finally releases Tha Carter V on his birthday September 28, 2018. We’ve anticipated this album for almost 6 years now it’s time to find out is it worth the wait?

 We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats for almost 6 years anticipating when will Lil Wayne release Tha Carter V? Well he picked a very interesting day to release his album. Lil  Wayne release tha Carter V on his birthday 9/28/18 he took to Instagram letting his fans know that Tha Carter V would be released on his birthday and he also stated “if you do not know my birthday Wikipedia does” and then he told his fans to wiki me... lol Via Instagram Lil Wayne also stated I hope all of my fans enjoy this album you don’t have to like it you don’t have to love it but I hope you enjoy it. Tha Carter V  Has 23 tracks.  The second track don’t cry features the late  XXXTentacion. X had no idea that he will be featured on Lil Wayne’s Carter V.  Prior to X death he’s mentioned how he was inspired by Lil Wayne. Check out the album for yourself and let me know what you think.



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