Tupac is Alive? Suge Knight’s son claims he is.

Tupac is Alive? Suge Knight’s son claims he is. Suge J Knight has been taking to instagram with several posts claiming Tupac is alive and living in Malaysia in a cave. Knight’s son claims the Illuminati is after him because he talking to much.

So we all know about the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur. Tupac Was murdered in a drive-by shooting September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas Nevada. Still to this day the murder has not been solved we all know Suge Knight and Tupac were  very close. Suge Knight is currently in jail for 28 years for man slaughter for the death of former rap music label owner Terry Carter. 

Now Suge Knights son is on instagram claiming that Tupac is not Dead.... Whaaaatttt!!!! Suge J Knight posts on instagram Tupac is Alive! Then he continues to make several other posts Claiming that the illuminati is following him and trying to take him out because he is spilling too much information. He also makes a post on his Instagram page and it’s a picture of Tupac and Kanye West and he claims that they have a song out together and he wants the world to know before  The illuminati takes him out. Knights son Even goes as far as to post a Video in Malaysia and claims that Tupac is living in a cave in Malaysia and has been spotted out and about in Malaysia. Suge J Knight Post a video of the crime scene of Tupac and captions the photo I know the truth behind this night. Lastly Knight Post a video on his Instagram of him in front of a green screen With the caption important announcement on Monday, October 8....... Do you think this is the publicity stunt or does Suge J Knight really have some facts??? He is the son of Suge Knight and Suge Knight was with Tupac the night that he was murdered???? I guess we’ll  be waiting to see what his announcement is on Monday 10/8



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