Bow Wow Back In The Studio????

Yes that’s what I said!!!!!! Bow Wow aka Shad Moss is back in the studio!!! I know I can’t believe it either. Bow Wow dropped his last album “New Jack City II” Back in 2009 so when he drops his album next year it’ll be 10years since his last album.

 Ohhhh OK so I see where he’s going with this Bow Wow’s dropping his album 10  years later since his last album was released so maybe its like his 10 year anniversary. 

Via Bow Wow’s instagram he let us know that he is dropping a new album entitled Greenlight 6 in 2019. Bow Wow let us see the track listing and he has a couple collaborations on this album including Migos, Jacques, and Soulja Boy .... 

This will be Bow Wow’s 7th. Studio album. He came out with his first album Beware of The Dogg back in 2000 when he was 13 years old. You know Bow Wow has stayed in the media with all of his publicity stunts including lying about being on a private jet and so on. Sooooo Bow Wow you got a lot of making up to do I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Bow Wow can drop some fire after his ten year Break.



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