Wendy Williams reveals "Her Truth" she's been living in a Sober House

Today on her show Wendy Williams revealed "Her Truth". On live television the very emotional and tear filled confession that she has been and will continue to live in a sober house. Williams started the conversation off on her show today stating that she is a very open person. "Williams also included that she recently started the Hunter Foundation. The Hunter Foundation is a leading non-profit that provides grants for drug education, prevention and rehabilitation programs founded by Wendy. Wendy continued by explaining her day to her audience. Wendy stated that she comes to work daily for her show and leaves after her taping to do 2 hour of Pilates. From there Wendy states that she attends several meetings throughout the tri-state area while being drove around by her 24-hour sober coach. When Williams finishes all of her meeting she returns to the sober house with her house friends who also struggle with addiction she describes the boys as "smelly boys" who have become family. Wendy says that no one at the sober house cares that she's Wendy Williams no autographs nothing just brothers and sisters trying to overcome their addictions. Wendy spoke about her struggle with addiction to cocaine in the past. While living in the sober house after talking and reading with friends lights are off by 10pm and she lays in the bed and stare at the ceiling until she falls asleep. Wendy included no one other than her husband and son knew of her staying in the sober house. Wendy ended the conversation by saying that's her truth and offered help for anyone struggling with addiction by calling 1-888-5Hunter(548-6837)

Personally, I feel this was very brave of Wendy to speak her truth on television to the world. We all know Wendy took a long break from her show the beginning of the year as we were told due to complications from Graves disease I think her truth which is her addiction may have as well played a major role in her absence. My prayers are with Wendy Williams at this time. Check out the video below from her show today.



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