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Ellen DeGeneres it turning 60...

So Iet me tell you about that time I went to the Ellen Show. I was in LA on vacation and was offered tickets.  Now I assumed that going to Live tappings was just what people of LA did, but apparently its a really big deal to be able to get your hands on tickets. Now the day of the show I had an outfit planned but after checking the confirmation email I was made aware that there is a dresscode. Yep, you just can't roll up in Ellen looking like anything.  The list of no no's included: ripped jeans, sneakers, black and white tops, shorts...pretty much everything in my suitcase.  The morning before the show I went flying around Burbank looking for something to fit the code and fit my body.   I found NADA, NOTHIN. I was so sad. I pulled together a lil tunic pants ensemble. 

After arriving at Ellen I did see people everywhere with outfit violations left and right. lol But at that point I didn't really care I was just over the moon to be at Ellen!  After a few moments in the waiting area, you are shuffled into the Ellen shop. And you really can buy everything from water bottles to Ellen underwear! 

Next you are sorted and seated.  I had amazing seats!

after seating the hype man comes out....can't remember his name. (my bad) but theres lots of dancing, clapping and practicing for Ellens arrival. 

When Ellen came out it really was surreal.  Have you ever seen a person that just glows. Her eyes are so clear and blue.  If you saw here you wouldn't believe she was 60! (Go head Ellen)

The show's guest included Ryan Gosling and a surprise appearance from Usher. Overall it was a once in an unforgettable experience that hopefully will happen again. Maybe one day I'll sit on the couch...Maybe one day I'll have my own show an Ellen willl sit on my couch!  #ClaimIT!  

Happy Birthday Ellen <3 

Kirby Gwen

Kirby Gwen

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