Four Legs Changed My Life

How did we get here? I swear just yesterday I was a fly lil single 20- something only worried about keeping myself alive.. Fast-forward I am still a fly, lil single 20- something but I now I’ve got this furry four legged beast depending on me for her life. WHAT! !?!?

I remember the day Maddie came home. She wasn’t having it. I felt sad that she was sad. Was this a good idea?  Am I really gonna be able to give this 6 year old St. Bernard a loving, thriving, life.  I work so much and they definitely not lettin’ dogs in the club.  WTH. AM. I. GOING. TO. DO.  I could barely sleep that first night because I scared you would wake up and be to hot…to cold… thirsty…need to go outside. I just wanted you to be okay and happy.

I know I probably sound like a crazy dog lady…and low-key I kinda am. But truly having a dog has taught me so much about myself.   You will never know what level of patience you possess until you walk a dog damn near 2-miles in the sun/ snow so they can take an appropriate dump.  Have you ever found yourself caring a 50lb bag of pedigree up 3 flights of stairs in a 80-degree Detroit day? Girllllllll.  There’s so much that you do for these fuzz balls that who can’t even speak English…but in so many ways they let you know that the love is felt.   


I wouldn’t trade my Maddie for the world.  And if you have a pet I’m sure you feel the same. And even though she’ll never be able to read this …Happy #LOVEYOURPETDAY BOO <3

You can also follow Maddie on IG at @MADDIEWITHAG (shameless plug)

Kirby Gwen

Kirby Gwen

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