Sour Patch Ice Cream is Here

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Sour Patch Kids… first they’re sour and then they’re  sweet

Just like my emotions about this,  so I’m not sure if you checked this out yet but you can now buy tubs of Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream.   Now the a part of me is very excited about this, ( ccream. duh)  however  my adult self knows that this is probably just a recipe or the bubble g--- LOL.   I see there are a lot of people raving about the new candy infused ice cream but I just can’t imagine a really,  really sweet creamy ice cream and then you’re hit with an old sour lemon tart. 

 …but let’s be honest the combination is not that radical remember just this past year or two there was Thanksgiving flavored ice cream with turkey, bacon and gravy.  Now that’s WILD!   In addition to ice cream I’ve seen a lot of crazy food concoctions come out this year,  and  where this one is one list it’s not the most shocking.

 Let me know if you tried the Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream….

Couldn’t wait any longer to bust into this. From Nestle Dreyers Ice Cream Company here’s Sour Patch Kids Red, White and Blue Light Ice Cream and sorbet. Lemon sorbet and vanilla light ice cream with a Redberry swirl and blue Sour Patch Kids Bitz. This stuff is amazing.👏🏻😍 if Sour is what you’re looking for it’s here. The combo ice cream/sorbet works great and has a tart lemon flavor. The Blue Bitz are actual pieces of sp Kids - most pieces are small but I got a few half- sized pieces. What makes this Sour is the Redberry Swirl. Yikes- if you get a spoonful of it I guarantee your face will pucker up. This may not be for everyone but if you like sour sweets you’ll love this 😝 “Sour then Sweet Get It Before It’s Gone “. 👏🏻👏🏻 Nestle Dreyers🏆💯. FOUND IN WALMART NEXT TO THE SUPERHEROES ICE CREAM #sourpatchkids #sourpatchkidsredwhiteandblue #sourpatchkidsicecream #sourpatchkidssorbet #nestle #dreyersicecream #nestledreyersicecream #redberryswirl #bluesourpatchkidsbitz #kidbitz #yesitssour #junkfood #sourthensweet #sourthensweettreat #getitbeforeitsgone #devosourapproved

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