Lindsay Lohan Stealing Homeless Children

Lindsay Lohan where are your friends? Where are the people around you that keep you in check?  Obviously they were asleep at the wheel!!! I just watched this video of Lindsay Lohan attempting to persuade a Syrian family to let her bring their children to a hotel with her. This made my skin crawl. From the beginning of the live you’re lead to believe that she is just out here trying to do a good deed, however the tone changes quickly as she almost seems light weight like a child snatcher, You can hear are using persuasive language like “oh wouldn’t you like to come and watch videos on the computer, sleep in a hotel bed, wouldn’t you like to watch cartoons on TV.” Girl you sound realllllll creepy.  

Now out of all the madness she does tell the kids “you’re good children, you don’t deserve to sleep on the street.” (that’s the only little piece of goodness I pulled from this ) …BUT THAT’S IT! …PERIODT !!

At the apex of the video you can see the family gathering their things to walk away and at first Lindsay clearly is under the impression that the family is taking up her offer to come to a hotel with her, however the family is attempting to get away from her. Near the end of the video Lohan is punched by the mother for actually attempting to put her hands on the child to bring him into her car… again Lindsay girl what are you doing🤦🏾‍♀️ I know many people may watch this and say that simply she was trying to do a good deed, she was trying to help a family that was less fortunate. However there are ways to do things and this was not the answer.

Kirby Gwen

Kirby Gwen

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