Trying to stop eating junk food can make sick

It's funny seeing this video because i've tried to stop eating junk food and i really felt bad not only because i missed it but i was really feeling sick. I was feeling like i had a cold i felt weak i just felt like crap but the second i ate a bag of chips of a candy bar i felt so much better. But i really thought i was tripping so i tried it again and guess what happened? the same thing and i could't understand what was going on.I've never been addicted to drugs before so the thought that i was going through withdrawals never crossed my mind. But because i felt so sick behind trying to stop eating the junk food of just all bad foods i gave up on trying to eat healthy but now that i understand what it was,i can try to do it again. So if you experienced feeling sick after stop eating junk food or fast food just know you're ok your body just need it's fix lol but do your best to stay strong because it will only last a minute.....I think, again i never been hooked on drugs so i never had to kick the habit and i don't know how long it may take to get over feeling crappy but good luck if you try to eat better,it's may be one of the hardest things you have to do.


See this would be hard for a lot of people to put down

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