The guy who video taped a co-woker spitting on a pizza.

I saw this story on the news and it blow my mind....well turned my stomach is more like it. So there was two young men working at a pizza stand and for some reason one of the young men was upset about what he was dealing with at work so from what the other young man said thats in the interview,his co-worker told him he was going to spit on the pizza the he was preparing. then the young man who shot the video asked him" why do you want to do that" then he told him that he's going the record him spitting on the pizza and he says the co-worker replied " He Didn't Care"

So both the men did what they said they were going to do.

So after the spitting and taping of it, the person who tape it asked if he could leave his pizza station to use the restroom but he said he had another plan in mind and that was to find a manager to report what he saw and recorded but he had no luck so when he returned to his station he was yelled after being gone too long and was told to clock out and leave the job.

So he said when he got home he up loaded the video and ever since the news reported what he did it's been a rough ride for him. He says he has been getting threatening calls and being labeled a snitch for what he has done.

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