How Much Can You Handle

Now we know these days the kids well try to say and do anything and feel they should be able to get away with it.I can remember coming up,and if a kid got out of line with a teacher they were able to handle you the way the felt needed to but things are so much different. I can remember being in my music class in elementary school and I would be acting up and the teacher would grab something like a paddle and wack me across my behind. Now the last thing I wanted to do was go home and tell my mother because then I would have to tell her the reason why it happened and there was no way she was gone let me tell her it was for nothing because she knew me and she knew the way I was at home.I was always in something,my own mother would have to give it to me to teach me a lesson so I don't think she would've had a big problem with the teacher paddling me as a matter of fact I think she told my teachers to do it then call her and she'll get me again. But somewhere down the line someone felt like teachers paddling the students was wrong. Maybe they thought their child didn't need it. Now here's a video where a student was talking to a teacher in a very disrespectful way and the teacher seem to have took all that he could take and hit the student. Now do you feel that the teacher was out of line or what?

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