Police Bust Wild House Party with 400 Teens Inside

KUTA, INDONESIA - NOVEMBER 25:  Teenagers attend a party in a nightclub during Australian

A 16-year-old Plymouth Township girl was home alone and decided to throw a party while her family was in California. 

After receiving several phone calls from neighbors reporting a large house party and hundreds of vehicles, police arrived to scene that drew an estimated crowd of 400 teens. 

According to the report, police knocked on the door and saw party-goers peeking through the blinds. Police turned their patrol car lights on the house and an estimated 300 teens fled "in all directions" through the door and windows.

Police found another 100 teens in the basement.

Police heard screaming inside the house when they initially arrived. They found someone described as a white female unconscious in the master bedroom and took her to the hospital.

Officers found dozens of empty liquor bottles and beer cans inside the house. The report said the smell of marijuana was so strong that police at times had to pause their investigation and go outside for fresh air.

The police report indicated the house was "destroyed" and had widespread damage, including a backyard grill and a fence.


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