Eminem's 1st 'Square Dance' with a US President

This isn't Marshall's 1st "Square dance" with a United States President.  

Eminem's fourth studio album, The Eminem Show, called out former United States President George W. Bush in the song titled, "Square Dance" 

"Let your hair down to the track, yeah kick on back. (Boo!) 

The boogie monster of rap, yeah the man's back

With a plan to ambush this Bush administration, 

Mush the Senate's face in, 

push this generation Of kids to stand and fight 

for the right to say something you might not like ..."

Since its release in 2002, the album has sold 10,600,000 copies making it Eminem's second album to go 10x Platinum (Diamond) in the United States.


Oh course Marshall took a lot of heat from the US Government for his music and lyrics.


In 2004, Eminem encourages Americans to stand up and speak out against George W. Bush on "Mosh" a protest song from his fifth studio album, Encore. 



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