Hepatitis A cases found at 2 Detroit restaurants

The first case is in connection with a Detroit resident who worked at Firewater Bar and Grill, 107 E. Milwaukee. 

The second case involves another Detroit resident who worked as a crew member at Little Caesars Pizza located at 12712 Fenkell.

The Detroit Health Department issued a news release saying it is conducting a thorough investigation of both establishments to ensure appropriate food handing and cleaning protocols are being followed.

Hepatitis A can potentially be prevented if you are given a vaccination after having come in contact with the virus. 

Those who patronized Firewater Bar and Grill from Oct. 15-24 or consumed food from Little Caesars Pizza at 12712 Fenkell in Detroit from Oct.15-26 should consult their primary care provider to receive the Hepatitis A vaccine as early as possible, and before Nov. 7.


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