Adopt-A-Child Christmas Program

A North End Youth Improvement Council ProjectThe Adopt-A-Child Christmas Program was initially developed by Mrs. Delores Bennett, a former Wayne County Commissioner and founder of North End Youth Improvement Council (NEYIC), who has devoted her life to helping disadvantaged children overcome the obstacles that would rob them of their hopes and dreams.  She started sponsoring Adopt-A-Child Christmas parties in the early 1960's.  Only 100 children participated in the early program, but over the years the participation has grown steadily to over 2500 children.

Mrs. Bennett is the reason so many young people on Detroit's North End, the area around Northern High School where she lives, are self-confident and proud despite their circumstances.  She is the reason they opt to sweep streets and plant flowers, rather than have shoot-outs and rob stores or each other.  She never tires of hugging them when they're right, disciplining them when they're wrong and loving them unconditionally.

Each year the Adopt-A-Child Christmas Party for disadvantaged children is held at Cobo Center with thousands of people of all races and religions, screaming, ripping open presents, hugging each other, swapping smiles, kissing and crying tears of joy.  Generous people from the Detroit Metropolitan area, as well as distant communities across the state and Canada, present gifts of winter clothing and toys to needy Detroit area children who range in age from birth to 12 years.  Sponsors receive the name, age and clothing size for each child they have agreed to adopt.

In addition to providing clothing the "adopting parents" spend time with their newly "adopted children" at the annual Christmas party where the children are also served refreshments and entertained by volunteers from in and around Detroit (church and school choirs, marching bands, theater groups, clowns and more).  Mrs. Bennett believes that adult sponsors in her Adopt-A-Child program benefit as much as the children-"You have love. You must cultivate your love.  You become a full human being when you give of yourself."  While the adoptions are temporary, lasting only a day, the happiness experienced by those who give and those who receive lasts a lifetime.

To realize this year's goals, scores of adopting parents and sponsors are needed.  Typically the program runs out of good Samaritans long before they run out of children in need of assistance. If you would like to be a sponsor and make a donation to the Adopt-A-Child Program, please make your check payable to North End Youth Improvement Council or N.E.Y.I.C.  NEYIC is a Tax-Exempt 501C3 organization.  For more information about the program visit our website at or reach us by phone at 313.871.7529 or by e-mail at .  Thank you.

This year's Christmas Party will be held on Friday, December 1st, at 2017Cobo Center, Michigan Hall


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