It's now legal in Michigan to warm-up your car

Crazy to think you could receive a fine for warming-up your vehicle and leaving it unattended in your driveway. I mean, who wants to sit in -5 below weather and wait inside the car for it to warm-up    Ummm -- Not me. 

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill into law last June that allows drivers to leave their vehicles running unattended on private property.

The law was the result of a controversy surrounding Nick Taylor, a Roseville man who ended up with a $128 ticket for leaving his vehicle idling unattended in a driveway last winter.

Taylor posted a photo of the ticket on his Facebook page and railed against the "dip----" Roseville police officer who left it there for "wasting the taxpayer's money." (He later removed the post.)

With thieves lurking and constantly plotting on your whip, it might not be a good idea to leave your vehicle running WITHOUT an automatic starter. 

Stay Warm!!


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