Get Fit: Abs & Booty Workouts #iHeartFitClub

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REAL OR FAKE BOOTIES Well, well, well.. We’re in an era where appearence counts more than anything and edited pictures are now the “real” ones. We live in such a f’d up society don’t we? ⠀ 90% of everybody’s instafeeds is bombarded with IG model’s booties, so here’s a quick scheme on how to tell whether you’re looking at a real one or a fake one. ⠀ The first category is the typical lifter’s booty: protein being consumed on the daily, exercising it regularly and definitely lifting heavier weight each week: squatting, hip thrusting & deadlifting like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how you grow your glutes. ⠀ The second one is definitely more rare on the instagram, but very common on the everyday life because that’s a non-lifter’s butt. I’d say most women have it even though in different shapes & forms. ⠀ If you want to go from this point to the first one, then start consuming enough protein on a daily basis, and train it. Train it heavy. If you wanna keep it like that that’s totally fine aswell. ⠀ The third category is the most wanted. It’s the new THICC instagram’s standard. I mean, you want millions of followers? Get some implants in yo’ butt and start taking pictures of it. Seriously. Unfortunately, unless you’ve got the luckiest of genetics’ gift, in 99.9999% of the cases you are not going to store fat ONLY in your glutes. In fact if you would try, you would get fat in your whole lower body. I’m pretty sure I’ll get comments like “I’ve got the third one and It’s all natural” anyway.. ⠀ Point being is that when you see a big butt with very tiny frames & legs, that’s where you can assume that “dat ass ain’t real.” Again, it’s either the whole lower body, or it simply can’t be like that." . By @pheasyque #fitnessoften 👥 Tag a friend that would like this

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How to run in order to lose weight ✅🏃 . By @brightgram #fitnessoften 👥 Tag a friend who'd like these tips

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Ready For a Core Workout? . By @livefittips #fitnessoften

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do you find this exercise helpfull ? if you so, tell me your thoughts :) or not helpfull ? and why :( . ı really love using resistance bands.. Usually i use them end of the workouts :) I try to come up with new exercise with resistance bands and this time my inspiration was @angoswede :) Thank you my sweetie, you are always inspirational . . . . . #lovepuppies #loveislove #lovers #love #lovekittens #lovethissong #loveme #lovemylife #lovelyday #lovemyjob #lovemyfamily #lovemakeup #loveofmylife #lovemydog #lovenature #lovestory #lovequotes #withlove #loveyourself #lovecats #lovelovelove #loves #prilaga #lovedogs #lovelife #lovewhatido

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It’s never been smooth but I’ve always made it work. Somebody had to do it!!! Work your a$& off, the reward is so great!!!! Today’s work consisted of a lot of lifting things up and putting things down. #qui2health #fitness #personaltrainer #motivation #workout #teamrsp #bodybuilding #dedication #fitnessjourney #girlswholift #nike #letmehelpyou #5oclockshadow #armpits #ilift

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The Booty Cup Flip 🍑😜 Tag 3 friends to try this LOL 😂 . By @ashleynocera #fitnessoften

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Need a flat tummy? SAVE and try these in conjunction with a calorie deficit 🙏 . By @sixpackhelp #fitnessoften

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