Detroit celebrates Dilla Youth Day

Arts + Culture + Education + Technology + Fun = #DillaYouthDay

Sunday, February 11th marked the 7th Annual Dilla Youth Day - celebrating the life and legacy of the African American musical producer J. Dilla.  

The Youth-inspired event was held at the Charles H Wright Museum for African-American History.  The Rotunda room kicked off a Open Mic and Healthy Cypher, where host Mahogany Jones invited attendees to form a circle and drop their freestyle bars. 

Kids and parents found unique ways to rap about what was on their minds, then pass the mic. Great ice-breaker, I'm sure to try that at my next house party.

Dancing has always been apart of the hip-hop culture, and b-boying were definitely the moves. The Motor City Street Dance Academy was their to teach us how to spin on our heads and freestyle dance.

Downstairs in the multi-purpose room were a variety of hands-on workstations. Educating youth on how to do what J. Dilla did while he created Neo-Soul and revolutionizing the sound of 90's Hip Hop. Laptop's paired with beat-machines, DJ controllers, and a recording booth gave students a first-class experience of what Dilla did as a producer, DJ, and artist.  

Music and arts inspired youth enjoyed a hands-on experienced on to how-to lay down a track, write their own rhymes, breakdancing, spin records, and much more.

All attendees also had the opportunity take home a custom made J. Dilla Youth Day 2018 tee-shirt.

Nothing Stops Detroit

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for Detroit and all of Southeast Michigan from Friday, 4 a.m. - Sunday, to 4 p.m. That didn't detour J. Dilla friends, fans and family from celebrating on this snowy weekend. 


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