Blake Griffin's Ex Fiancee sues him for Palimony

Blake Griffins baby mama Brynn Cameron has filed a palimony lawsuit against the 5-time NBA All-Star. Brynn is claiming Blake shamelessly abandoned her and their children for Kendall Jenner- according to TMZ.

First off, what the hell is palimony? Sounds like something dealing with a horse. 

Webster's definition of pal·i·mo·ny is compensation made by one member of an unmarried couple to the other after separation. So what does that really mean? 

In California, Palimony refers to support payments that can be made to unmarried partners following a breakup.

The lawsuit slams Griffin left his fiancee after "cruelly embarrassing his family with his public fawning over Kendall Jenner."  

Brynn and Blake were on and off for 8 years, they have 2 children together and were engaged, but he called off the wedding last year and then set his sights on Kendall.


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