Activist protest R. Kelly's concert outside Little Caesars Arena

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A crowd of about 25 protesters echoed chants, "What are we gonna do? Mute R. Kelly! When are we gonna do it? Now!",  while concertgoers entered Little Caesars Arena.

Kalimah Johnson, founder and executive director of Detroit's SASHA Center and co-organizer of the #MuteRKelly protest in Detroit, carried the bullhorn, leading the chants. "We love Uncle Charlie, but not R. Kelly!" she said, referencing Charlie Wilson, who performed along with Kelly on Wednesday night in Detroit.

"The protest today is to #MuteRkelly. We do not want him performing in the city of Detroit.  The new city of Detroit has no roomof place for people who have questionable history around sexual abuse and assault, especially against African-American girls"

Although Kelly has maintained his innocence. Several lawsuits have been settled out of court with female accusers.




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