J. Reed & Dr Darrius surprise students with pizza party

Issa pizza party. 

After announcing Insker native J.Reed and I were contestants for daytime television's "The Real" #RadioRemix contest, students at Romulus elementary school took action.

Their faces lit up with surprise, as Reed and I walked into two classrooms with boxes of fresh pizzas. I mean, who doesn't love Little Caesars pizza?! 

Students were then invited to the schools gym for a quick assembly. As they entered, students recieved a raffle ticket for my surprise drawing. Winner of the lucky ticket pulled, wins a family 4-Pack of tickets to WWE Monday Night Raw.

During an assembly, I spoke to third, fourth, and fifth grade students about using their voice to vote. Letting them know that, “when you get old enough you’ll be able to vote, and this competition should show you that YOUR VOTE COUNTS”

The assembly ended with surprise performance by J. Reed. 

Special thank you again to the third, fourth, and fifth grade students who voted every day during our 2-week campaign.



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