Plan Ahead: I-696 Freeway Closure Coming in April

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is back for another summer party. Detour signs, orange barriers with reflector night-lights will dress Michigan roads until as late as December 2019. 

The "2018 Paving the Way Road Repair Project", features a 143 planned state-wide fix-up, ranging from reduced lanes, weekend freeway closure, concrete replacement on major surface streets, bridge repairs, and more. 

Beginning in April, the I-696 freeway is officially going under the knife for 6 months. According to MDOT's website, a stretch of 17.5 miles ranging from I-94 to I-75 will undergo major repairs. The 4-lane expressway will stay open for daytime commute, but will reduce down to 1 lane during weeknights, and completely shutdown for 10 weekends. This is indeed one of this year’s biggest projects will affect one of Metro Detroit’s busiest freeways. 

Another I-696 repair project will further extend Macomb county resident frustrations. Plans to reconstruct 8.3 miles of I-696, from I-94 to I-75, will leave the westbound lanes closed with eastbound lanes open via traffic shift.

It looks like 8-mile road will be the go-to detour route to replace that I-696 travel until November. Even though the 3-lane surface street's posted speed limit is 40 mph, stop lights and train crossings will cause traffic to move much slower in both directions.  Beware of the pot-hole patching crews working to make the ride a little smoother too.   

Other notable surface streets you might want to avoid.

In the Detroit/Redford area, MDOT will mill and resurface on Telegraph, from I-96 to Grand River Ave. 1 lane will close during the project. 2 lanes will close middays and nights. 3 lanes will close for 3 weekends from April to July.

Just when Macomb county residents thought they'd caught a break, more weekend slow-rolls are soon to come. M-59 (Hall Rd) wont be as bad as last summer, but for 1.2 miles, MDOT crews will add a left-turn lane and repair bridges from just west of Garfield Rd, to just east of Romeo Plank Rd. Project includes lane closures during night and weekend travel. 3 lanes to remain open at peak times from now until September.

On Woodward ave in Troy, concrete repair for 2.5 miles will stretch from 14 Mile Rd to Big Beaver Rd. 1 lane to remain closed at all times, while 2 lanes will close nightly. 3 lanes will be closed over 4 weekends from now until August.

Be patient! Stay safe!


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