Royce Da 5'9 Takes Detroiter's Back on the Boblo Boat

Bob-lo Boat steamer

Former TV news personality Mort Crim’s narration for a documentary on Canada’s Bob-Lo Island describes the former amusement park to the "T".

"Cruising down the river. Dancing 'til your feet got numb. Cool, summer breezes blowing through your hair, as you stood gazing down the river in anticipation of the thrill of the dizzying rides at the amusement park. Ah, memories of Boblo Island"

An in-expensive trip to the amusement park  via ferry boat was the way to-go for most families looking to get away for fun. 

The Boblo Island Amusement Park featured famous rides such as: The Nightmare, Falling Star, Wild Mouse, Sky Streak, and Screamer rides, a Ferris wheel, a zoo, a carousel, and a small railroad to transport guest around the island. 

The amusement park also featured the second largest dance hall in the world, holding 5,000 dancers at full capacity. With so many Detroiter's on the island, I'm pretty sure someone started the 'hustle' dance.

One of the attractions of the Bob-Lo Island Amusement Park was in taking the “Bob-Lo boats” to get there. The 2,500 passenger Bob-lo Boat steamer served as a 18-mile ferry-ride from Detroit to the Boblo Island Amusement Park. 

Detroit rap artist Royce da 5'9 shared many of his child hood experiences on his newly released album, "The Book of Ryan".  The album features 21-tracks and skits describing his life as a kid (Ryan), before the artist we know today (Royce).

While Boblo Island featured family fun that every kid looked forward to, Royce was also introduced to other activities such as: Sex, alcohol and drugs.

He describes some experiences on his single titled, "Boblo Boat", featuring J. Cole.

"Uh, on our way to that black amusement park,

Wood roller coasters, crack sold on plastic scooter cards.

Uh, smoking grass at the vintage food court.

Broken glass, waiting on you on the swimming pool floor.

I came across my identity on the Boblo boat,

That's where I lost my virginity, no condom, though"

Download Royce's new album, "The Book or Ryan"

Bob-lo Steamer


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