Police: Detroit Girls Are 'Preyed Upon' On Their Way To School

Detroit Police

The Detroit Police Department reports two incidents of young Detroit school girls being 'preyed upon' on their way to school.

In a press conference, Detroit Police Commander Charles Mahone says the first incident took place around 8:00 am., on 8 mile road near Shakespeare street. 

While walking to school, the young lady was approached by a black male in his 40's.  The man pulled up in a 4-door car with tinted windows, got out of the car, grabbed her by the arm and tried to pull her into the car. 

The suspect fled after the girl begin fighting the man, a bystander who noticed the struggle pulled up.

Detroit Police are looking for a black male approximately 6-foot-2, about 200 pounds with a dark complexion and scruffy beard, wearing black pants, a black hat and brown shoes. 

The second incident happened just thirty-minutes later and 2 miles apart in distance. 

Mahone said around 8:30 am., at Morang and Nottingham, an 11-year-old girl was approached by a man in a yellow car who rolled down the window and asked for her name.

As the man got closer, Mahone said she ran for school. 

While, police do not have a description of the man in this incident, Mahone said the persons described in both cases are similar, but the vehicles are different. 

Police are still investigating. 


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