Metta World Peace Ejected From BIG3 Basketball Detroit (VIDEO)

Metta World Peace

BIG3 made history in Detroit last night with the first player ejection. Upset about a non-call, Killer 3s co-captain Metta World Peace kicked the basketball into the crowd, then ejected by the referee.

"I told him if he was going to kick it he should have hit the top deck at least," Killer 3s captain Chauncey Billups said. "It was kind of a weak kick." 

The ejection put Killer 3's in a tough position to beat the defending champs, Trilogy, who hadn't won a game all season.

"It was like a time bomb just went off," Billups said. "The two missed calls at the start of the game. Ron lost it. Stephen Jackson lost it a little bit. He kind of quit on us. And knowing that we didn't have Ron we really needed him and his desire was just gone, so it was tough.




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