2 Detroit Police Officers Charged with Home Invasion

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Officer Bradley Clark and Sgt. Paul Glaza were charged with second-degree home invasion, misconduct in office, malicious destruction of property under $200, and entering without a homeowner's permission. 

"It is alleged that (the officers) were part of the burglary task force, and entered a home without a search warrant at 22550 block of Pembroke," Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Maria Miller said in a statement. "They also did not have an arrest warrant for the person they were searching for, who was not in the house. They instead detained and arrested the homeowner.”

"A couple cops came to the house looking for a suspect,” the 28-year-old homeowner Tashar Cornelius said. "I told them the man they were looking for wasn't here, but they refused to listen to what I was saying. They wanted to come in my house, and I told them 'without a search warrant, you have no right to be here.'

"I guess that teed them off," he said. "I shut the door on them, but they didn't leave my property. They seemed convinced their suspect was here. So they kicked in the door and came in with their weapons drawn. Then they put me in handcuffs and searched the property."

"I spent 36 hours at Mound," he said. "My lawyer assured me there were no charges against me. Finally they just released me and I walked out of there.

"They violated my constitutional rights," Cornelius said. "I have to stand up against that.” He is considering filing a lawsuit against the city.

Detroit Police Lt. LaShanna Potts said: "The officers are under investigation and have been suspended."

If convicted, the officers could face up to 15 years in prison.


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