Migos Sued For Song on "Culture II"

Getty Images

Migos is facing a lawsuit almost 9 months after releasing their third solo-album, Culture II, when another rapper claims he originated one of the songs 10 years ago.

The artist known as M.O.S., is suing Migos and Capitol Records - claiming he recorded a song called "Walk It Like I Talk It" back in 2007, and released it on a DJ Folk mixtape in 2008.

In docs obtained by TMZ, Pickett says he realized, in January 2018, Migos had released a track on their "Culture II" album with an amazingly similar title -- "Walk It Talk It" -- which uses a "substantial portion" of his version. 

Pickett says he filed for a copyright on his song in March 2018.

He is also requesting a judge to stop Migos from any future use of his composition. 



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