Nickelodeon Sued After Child Death At Resort

Getty Images

Nickelodeon is being sued over the death of a child who drowned at a resort that was promoted on its network. 

Back in May, a boy was swimming underwater in the pool at the Nickelodeon Hotel in the Dominican Republic, when his head became lodged between the legs of a Dora the Explorer statue.

The lifeguard on duty, who was standing near the area, did not see the boy in distress. The boy's stepdad noticed the child was missing and frantically asked the lifeguard for help. The stepdad and the lifeguard dislodged him and pulled him out of the water. They attempted to resuscitate him but couldn't.

The boy died as a result of drowning.

Parents are claiming they saw the ad on the network and decided to go there for vacation.

So sad.


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