Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham Backs Out of Boxing Match vs Hoopz

A ‘Lover’ turns ‘Fighter’ this weekend as Nicole “Hoops” Alexander is well-prepared for her celebrity boxing debut.  

The former "Flava of Love” reality tv star is still ready to show no-love to her new opponent, after “Teen Mom” reality tv star Farrah Abraham backed out of the match. I guess it was cute for the photoshoot, but when it was time lace up her boots, she ran from Hoopz. 

Looking at this instagram post (below) by Hoops crushing that punching bag, Farrah didn’t want no smoke with the Brownstown Bomber’s right-hook to the body. 

Hoopz' new opponent will be Natalie Didonato of VH1’s Mobb Wives.

Both celebrity fighters are teaming up to raise awareness about anti-bullying. With numerous days of training, the Brownstown Michigan native can’t wait to make her boxing debut, "Im taking it for real, she’s taking it for real” says Hoops, "Its a celebrity fight. Its gonna be entertaining.”

The fight is set to take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey this Saturday. If your in the area, heres the link: Hoopz vs NatD Celebrity Boxing Match For Anti-Bullying Awareness

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