Operation Holiday Hope Distributes 50,000 Pounds of Thanksgiving Groceries

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Operation Holiday Hope

97.9 WJLB, MIX 92.3, Views Bar and Grill and the hip-hop community assembled to flex there 'Super powers' to provide Thanksgiving groceries to families in need.

Views Bar and Grill, known for those LAMB CHOPS drippin' out the kitchen, served as the operation's distribution location for over 50,000 pounds of Thanksgiving groceries. 

Families stood in line as early as 7:00 a.m., ready to fill-up provided plastic and brown paper bags with food items. Only requirement was to show up, sign in, and wait it out until 10:00 a.m. 

The Gleaners food bank truck pulled up with 300 ready to cook turkeys, along with 400 frozen bags of chicken. Pallets of milk, sweet potato pies, cabbage, yogurt, noodles, lunch meat, potatoes, were also provided. There was so much food, people needed help walking boxes and bags to their cars.   

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